How to use our fabrics:
1. Upholstery fabrics should be used for their intended purpose.
2. Before selecting a fabric, the customer should be familiar with the technical characteristics interesting material. Research results provided by PIK COLLECTION refered only to the tested batch.
3.When moving furniture, take only solid, hard components.
4.The fabric should not be exposed to direct atmospheric conditions, such as: sunlight, wind, rain, snow or high humidity. The effect of the above factors may discolour fabric and durable it destruction.
5.You should not jump or place heavy objects on the upholstery, because strong point pressure can cause mechanical damage such as: stretching, pricking, or tearing of fabric.
6. It is strictly forbidden to put hot dishes on the furniture because high temperature can cause damage to the fabric. Optimal distance in which fabrics should be located away from the active heat sources they are 2 meters.
7. The fabric should be protected of the pets action.
8. Food consumption should be kept away from upholstery.It may be strong staining.
9. Wipe gently (using a white cloth with a touch of water and soap) without using excessive force. Furniture should be set up in a way that allows free movement of users so that the fabric is not exposed to frequent, strong friction.
10. It is forbidden to cover fabrics of all kinds with blankets or overheads. Its hair/fur can react with the fabric, causing the fibers to blend and mending / pilling of fabric.
11. Upholstery fabrics can not be exposed to strongly dyed materials, such as jeans or dyed cushions in contrasting colors. You should also avoid sitting in bright clothes for furniture in pale shades or red, and others- containing a strong color pigment. Natural attribute of the material is its coloring, especially when the piece of furniture is new.
12. Whole furniture should be used with the same intensivity. Using only one part of furniture can cause uneven look of it. To lengthen good look of furniture, upholstery should be smoothed after every use.
13. Keep in mind that the presence of pilling is a natural result of the use of textiles.
14. Differences in shade are possible between different production batches of the same upholstery fabrics.

Complaint procedure:
1. Before using PIK COLLECTION fabrics, Please read our tips for using our materials written in Use of upholstery fabrics
All goods purchased from "PIK" Sp. J. Hurt Detal K. and B. Nartowicz are subject to guarantee in period of 2 years after purchase. Fabrics should be used accordingly to rules listed on the website
-Take special care when unpacking the package with upholstery fabric inside to avoid damaging of the fabric.
- Cleaning and maintenance of the materials should be done in accordance with the cleaning instructions available on our website.
-Fabrics should be transported properly sealed with foil.
- Before starting to cut / process the fabric, make sure the material is free from defects. Cuted or processed material does not constitute a basis for the claim.
- The materials should be mounted on the furniture carefully, protecting the fabric against friction of the surface against hard, protruding parts of the furniture (eg nails, springs, furniture board)
3. The complaint should be sent to PIK COLLECTION be email or post. The complaint letter should contain the following information:
- Company name, name of the person accepting the complaint.
- Company address with contact telephone number
- Name of the furniture owner and contact telephone number
- The date and place of purchase of the fabric or furniture
- Fabric name and color number
- The amount of meters of fabric
- Date of defect determination
- Reason of the complaint

- Invoice copy or bill of sale copy should be attached/added to claim/complaint letter.
4. The complaint reply and decision will be sent by PIK COLLECTION within 14 days.

We would like to inform you that all the fabric designs offered by PIK COLLECTION are industrial designs registered in the Polish Patent Office. Any marketing (copying, production, distribution, importing) without the consent of PIK COLLECTION is prohibited by law. Each violation of our rights will be prosecuted.